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Knowledge to change the fate of the revitalization of national education. College students are the country of valuable human resources is hope of the nation, the future of the motherland, due to various factors, China still exist
Many studies can not be completed because of poor students. Reversing the root cause of poverty is to change the ideology, from the child began to help children is to help outstanding nation is not
Come. Aid for college students, the children will also be conducting a message: As long as the intentions effort to be able to go to college, and encourage them to become independent and self-esteem of the people, love to pass down
July 2011, the Shenzhen Charity Fund starts poor students "love-funded heritage" project. Shenzhen International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Han Runguo charitable response to the call, the plot
Extremely participate in "Yi Hai alliance • beneficence heritage" Liangshan love student projects, this love student project by the Ministry of Civil Affairs direct guidance, the fund joint Liangshan Education Foundation co-sponsored, is
First national poverty alleviation charity National Joint Action co-sponsored charity organization - "good Liangshan 'first projects, is currently the most Liangshan Single Funding
High, most unique, educational assistance and sustainable development charity projects, its advocacy of "integrity" and "responsibility" spirit, and Liangshan long tradition of revolutionary spirit is not about love
Same. Liangshan every year there are 2,200 poor students or more, the charity needs more than 5280 million / year, long way to go.