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Electricity supplier logistics
To ] express lanes this invention is a fine line Han Yun logistics , but also the majority of the electricity supplier of choice for customers : The whole time : Next Day , delivery shipping from China to South Korea to complete door to door delivery within 24 hours, according to customer demand can be expedited delivery , delivery to the warehouse , etc. ; Shenzhen airport : passenger aircraft three shifts a day , a group of freighters, can express declaration, containing a single night 6:00 the next morning to complete the clearance delivery , the current time has exceeded all courier companies, Hong Kong airport : passenger plane eight classes a day , three shifts cargo plane containing a single night 6:00 , had arrived in Hong Kong early morning car night at the airport in Hong Kong took off the next morning to complete the clearance delivery , the main advantages: can receive other continents , and with pure battery with battery products and other restricted products. Express customs clearance services : Direct morning flight time of about 4 hours , 6 am to reach within three hours after the end of Incheon Airport customs clearance services , the same day around 12:00 districts can be delivered to the streets of Seoul . Security positions : Division I and the major airlines have signed a long-term cooperation agreement , not only to ensure that positions in the cargo stowage process is also regulated by the Division I someone with a pass out of the customs warehouse by air , to prevent goods lost due to human-induced , damaged goods phenomenon .
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