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Import tax package
South Korean exclusive agent import tax package , the Division I has offices in Incheon Airport , take advantage of the unique geographical advantage , simple customs clearance , cargo pick- fly to meet the timeliness requirements of the imported goods destined for China , South Korea home delivery services, and economy of the import tax package to aging fast , cheap, diversified services , and superior delivery process simple and convenient , full stop imports of services , when the international import and domestic cargo operation, The following three types of import tax package options: Select ① - Go to the door in the air : 3-4 days time , for large cargo, heavy cargo , choose air freight transit is the most effective way to reduce our transit through partnerships with Shanghai Airport , Beijing airport offsite clearance, to provide customers with the greatest degree of diversification of services , thereby reducing the customer's logistics costs , saving trading expenses and maximize benefits. Select ② - Intermodal tax package : time 4-5 days , suitable for large volume , light weight goods , known to all airlines billing standards , has always been to take the volume to weight ratio is calculated as the maximum tariffs, the relatively high import tariffs , bulky cargo is very worthwhile for such goods , our special launch ultra low import tariffs services.
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