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Air and sea transport
Air and sea transport is our unique Korean economy logistics lines to aging fast, cheap, diversified services, delivery process as simple and convenient features; may provide you with full one-stop service, the international freight when domestic freight operation, the air and sea combine to achieve the full-line cargo tracking, allowing you to keep abreast of the dynamic of goods, the main operating features: Features ① - air transit time of 2-3 days, the goods will be shipped from the mainland to the nearest port by air way, because our company has many years of experience in the domestic air cargo, random combinations of lines. For example your goods somewhere in Chongqing, Korean customers in urgent need of the goods, we can pick-up the same day, arrange early morning flight direct flights to Qingdao, Qingdao shipment the next day, the next day, customers can receive the goods in Korea. Throughout the DDU service, are not subject to any part of the cost, time 2-3 days. Of course, for large cargo, heavy cargo, choose air transit is the most effective way to reduce tariffs, we have partnerships with transit through the airport and port, to provide customers with the greatest degree of diversification of services, thereby reducing the customer's logistics costs, Trade save expenses and maximize benefits. Features ② - Super capacity for overweight cargo, semi Paohuo, extra long strong advantages, basically limited to a single piece of size, limited to single weight, we all know, the four major express delivery can not exceed a certain trilateral dimension, overweight is not a single piece, and we dedicated air and sea transport for such goods, our company launched special ultra-low freight services. Car and home delivery, clearance delivery, payment of customs duties and other services. Features ③ - quick delivery to facilitate customs clearance, shipping transport four hours to Hong Kong after reporting fast clearance of goods that allow you to enjoy the time with the courier service, price and enjoy the ocean, why not do it. If the goods need to eliminate nuclear refund, we provide you with a separate declaration of nuclear extinction refund. We launched air and sea transport logistics economic purpose: for the majority of my friends doing business with South Korea to provide more, better and more convenient service, and your success is our success, we will continue to stand in the development of Korean Logistics on the road, with your trade grew farther away.
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