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[To] express lanes this invention is a fine line Han Yun Logistics: The whole time: Next Day, delivery shipping from China to South Korea to complete door to door delivery within 24 hours, according to customer demand can be expedited delivery, delivery to the warehouse, etc.; Shenzhen airport: passenger aircraft three shifts a day, a group of freighters, can express declaration, containing a single night 6:00 the next morning to complete the clearance delivery, the current time has exceeded all courier companies, Hong Kong airport: passenger plane eight classes a day, three shifts cargo plane containing a single night 6:00, had arrived in Hong Kong early morning car night at the airport in Hong Kong took off the next morning to complete the clearance delivery, the main advantages: can receive other continents, and with pure battery with battery products and other restricted products. Express customs clearance services: Direct morning flight time of about 4 hours, 6 am to reach within three hours after the end of Incheon Airport customs clearance services, the same day around 12:00 districts can be delivered to the streets of Seoul. The following is a screenshot our customers to give us feedback FedEx February 24, 2014 0.5KG samples sent from Shenzhen to Seoul, South Korea full cargo track record: Thus FedEx sent to South Korea's aging about four days, click cargo tracking numbers: 586911100828, FedEx tracking website: http://www.fedex.com/cn
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