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2014 CEO : Mr

In the 21st century logistics industry experienced a thrilling roller-coaster stock market fluctuations. But after the joint efforts of all my colleagues , so we spent the near misses of opportunities and risks in 2013 , finally ushered in a more exciting 2014 .

Face the challenges of the market, we are ambitious. Our company is also the ups and downs in the logistics industry continue to grow and grow. In the past year , our business has undergone a qualitative change , we not only completed all the objectives set at the beginning , the management system has also been improved, our management level to a new level. Our focus is on growing concerns of employees and team building, to the community to absorb a lot of fresh blood , and gradually strengthen our team . On the software side , we have increased the personnel training strategy , delivery people to acquire knowledge and experience in project management , so that we in the service, has made substantial progress .

Market demand in the upgrade, we are also upgrading their requirements . Our employees have made great progress, get a good vertical mixing in the political consciousness of individual employees and overall quality have been improved, and gradually penetrate into the understanding of the company's operating philosophy , thus contributing to the formation of corporate culture and development. Our work efficiency has also been improved. These are the late development of the company has laid a solid foundation.