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Japan's import tax package
The whole time: delivery from China to Japan to shipping complete door to door delivery within 24 hours, is our boutique lines. Shenzhen Airport: three shifts a day transit passenger aircraft, cargo flights to Tokyo group can express declaration, containing a single night 6:00 the next day to complete the clearance delivery, the current limitation to Tokyo over all courier companies. Hong Kong airport: passenger plane eight classes a day, three shifts cargo plane containing a single night 6:00, had arrived in Hong Kong early morning car night at the airport in Hong Kong took off the next day to complete the clearance delivery, the main advantage: the receiver with battery other products, such as limited product mainland. Express customs clearance services: in the early morning flight time of about 5 hours, 6 am to arrive within four hours after the end of Tokyo's Narita airport clearance service, same-day delivery to Tokyo district streets, other towns delivery time, please refer to the following chart.
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