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Because South Korea continued to strike, our delivery time delays

In September 27th, a number of trade union organizations including South Korea railway, hospital, bank, subway and even multi industry modern automobile, strike at the same time, according to statistics, only 27 a day there are more than 24 thousand people involved in the strike, as rare in recent years, large-scale strikes, the incident caused a great impact on Korean society. Especially for the first time in 22 years to participate in the strike of the South Korean railway company is likely to affect the country's logistics market.
South Korea railway logistics involved in the strike, lockout? Freight train operation rate of 70%
Ten thousand National People's Congress strike
Performance pay system due to dissatisfaction"
According to South Korean media reports, only in September 27th, to participate in the performance wage system, the staff of the strike for more than 2.4 people, covering many different industries, such as subway, railway and medical companies. Prior to the Korean National Federation of trade unions also mobilized more than 1.8 people to participate in a day of general strike, this figure covers the entire Korean banking industry nearly 15% employees.
In the more than 2.4 people, 2380 employees of two Seoul Metro commune was involved in the strike, roughly covering nearly 20% employees in two companies, in addition, from South Korea Seoul city hospital unions are also involved in the general strike.
And tens of thousands of people at the same time the strike behind, is due to dissatisfaction with the Korean government to encourage the implementation of the performance wage system".
In order to carry out the production efficiency, the government introduced a new system. As a matter of fact, the performance salary system is one of the biggest problems of "labor reform" in the "three year plan" in the new year's speech.
Previously, after funding and evaluation of "the South Korean government's two pronged", originally only suitable for a small portion of public institutions staff level cadres system was gradually extended to the Han 120 most of the employees in public institutions, the government also encourages the private enterprises to adopt the salary system.
As the competent authorities, the Ministry of labor in South Korea to vigorously promote the implementation of this system in government agencies, and to encourage the major enterprises to accept.
The hidden risk, trade unions do not buy it. However, although the government has repeatedly said that the performance of the wage system will help enterprises to improve labor productivity, but the relevant industry workers have always been opposed to this.
According to the existing South Korean financial industry and most public enterprises to implement the personnel salary system, as long as in the enterprise for the increase in the number of years, in most cases, the salary will also have a certain growth. But the unions are worried that the performance salary will increase the labor instability, and even become unscrupulous business press workers "amulet".
In addition, the South Korean opposition party and the Union also believes that the implementation of this system, and without full communication and coordination, the government system is implemented and the details of the system all appointed to each big enterprise, this is not only conducive to improve the employment rate of the original intention, but also will lead to more labor disputes.
Therefore, large-scale promotion of the system was blocked, the long-term conflict has finally intensified, causing the attention of the whole society in a number of industry wide strikes.
Freight train operating rate dropped 70%
Fear spread to the logistics market
Guarantee the peak capacity, subway flat peak capacity is approaching 70%. Capacity as Seoul city subway company holding, Seoul municipal government as early as before the strike forward planning, ensure that the provisions of the relevant laws of Korea 5175 must ensure that employees, compared to the usual 75~80% staff in the post every day; to ensure the normal operation of the subway rush hour, the original flat peak stage protection capacity of 80~85%.
The relevant personnel of the Seoul municipal government said in an interview: "if the strike lasts over 8 days, in order to ensure the remaining staff of fatigue impact on safety, in the peak period of 100% capacity to guarantee operation at the same time, around the peak period of the capacity could be reduced to normal conditions 70%."
South Korea railway logistics involved in the strike, lockout? Freight train operation rate of 70%
Freight train operation is only 30%, or affect the logistics. For the first time in 22 years to usher in a large-scale strike of the Korean railway company, it is hard to protect the KTX high-speed railway and long-distance trunk passenger trains running at the same time, the freight train operation rate has dropped to 30% of the normal capacity.
South Korea Railway Company (KORAIL) is responsible for the operational headquarters said in an interview, will be in a safe and secure situation, trying to reduce people's life safety, but at the same time, he also said frankly: "if the strike will last more than two weeks, will be transported to logistics and people's life will have a greater impact."
About wage system
Different views have the words
Government: do not compromise, resolutely implement. Strikes in the past have often ended in a compromise, but the South Korean government has shown a strong attitude. They issued a statement saying it would "actively implement the policy of labor and pay linked to", and said that the strike against the law will be strictly legal sanctions.
In an interview with the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of land and jointly held a press conference, the Ministry of labor Gao Ying Hyun, deputy minister, said: "the problem is not solved, it is more irresponsible. Through the implementation of performance pay system, can effectively improve the operational efficiency of institutions and enterprises, and to improve the employment of enterprises, and even improve the employment rate of the people will have a great help." He Seoul two subway station on the one hundred billion won loss event, for example, said that if not in time to improve operational efficiency, and ultimately the damage is still ordinary people and workers.
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